[H-GAME] Saimin Fantasia -Opulent Mating F*ckfall

Release : Dec/14/2012

[H-GAME] Saimin Fantasia -Opulent Mating F*ckfall

You've been summoned to an alternate reality and blessed
with the power of hypnotic magic. Bring down the reigning demon
lord while you have sex with your party of girls...
There will be many obstacles - cast your hypnosis on bishoujos!!
The side of good or evil... with who will you enjoy saimin (hypno) H?

The protagonist was a guy who enjoyed porn and games and not much else.
By some slip-up he was whisked to another world.

Forest beasts rushed him from all sides, and in the last moment he
was snatched from harm's way by a holy maiden on a quest to
destroy the demon lord of this world. He joined her hoping
to find a way home, but quite the opposite was in store
... intense days of hot magic-slinging hypnotic hedonism!

From his first orgasmic handjob he ran amok in a land
of neverending sex!

But where will his journey ultimately end?

Created by Dieselmine

Size : 997 Mb

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